• The Oto Bike

    Driving the Oto bike will make may heads turn. Depending on your needs, you have the choice of the long or short version, each with their own feel . The Oto has the most possibilities to customise exactly to your wishes. With a powerful motor of 250 W you have a strong basis or upgrade to the 500W version to take across the hills even easier. Check out our inspiration page to get ideas to build the bike you always wanted. 

    Check out The Oto Wheels

  • The Ruffian Bike

    This bike was made in Germany and you can see that in every detail. Beautifully crafted, with the biggest Bosch engine on board (Bosch Performa CX) and a matching huge battery. Driving this bike makes you feel you are the king the road. Comes in 3 colours (or more if you want it to).

    Check out The Ruffian Bike

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